Thursday, 30 June 2016

Vegan spinach and tofu puff pastry sheets

Hi my glamorous friends I how you are well . Sorry I disappeared for near enough two weeks . I had my final exams and my school prom on Wednesday  too . I would love to know if you had a prom or If your one is coming up soon . 

So these pastry sheet taste amazing and I know I say that about all of food but,these were amazing ! The tofu tasted like cheese and I didn't know why or how . This recipe is super quick and easy and you can have these in under an hour . 

300g frim tofu 
1/2 cup of spinach 
1/2tsp White pepper 
1/2 tsp ground black pepper 
1 garlic clove minced or crushed 
2 vegan puff pastry sheets 
2-3 tbsp of melted vegan butter 


1 : preheat the oven 200c or gas Mark 6 . In a bowl add the tofu and crumble it . 
2 : Add spinach and the seasoning soon after mix all the ingredients together . 
3: Cut the pastry sheet into four . 
4: Add 2tsp of the tofu and spinach mix to each square . 
5: Fold over the pastry and press down the edge with a fork . 
6: Brush over on top of the pastry the melted butter . Sprinkle chia seeds on top . 
7: Bake  for 15 mins or until golden . 
8: Sreve 

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