Monday, 9 May 2016

Very pink smoothie bowl

Hello my glamour's friends , I hope you all are having a loving morning so far . Recently I've obsessing and when I mean obsessing I MEAN OBESSING!! Over smoothie bowls at the moment  , I've had it probably every morning since last week .This could be because summer is FINALY HERE in the UK which is amazing . 

Four frozen Banana's
1 ripe Banana
1 Kiwi
2 cups frozen mix Berries or Summer Fruits
2 1/4 Orange juice

  1. Add all the frozen Banana's , frozen Berries and Orange juice in the blender and blend until everything is well combine .
  2. Place the blended smoothie in a bowl and peal and finely chop the Banana . Then make a Kiwi flower . It hard to explain so here is a video showing you how Kiwi Flower video  .
  3.  Decorate 
  4. serve 
What's your favourite smoothie bowl recipe ?

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