Monday, 8 February 2016

4 Things to do in February

Hello my glamorous friends , February to me is a brand new start ; January is over , so it is time  to get our head in the game and think what you really from this year . So  here are four things we should together do this month.

01. Set a few goals
Let’s all think of  January as the  "practice month " ( New years resolutions are meant to broken! ) .  February  to me is like a fresh start , We can forget all the bad things that happened in January and take away all the precious  memories  we all made instead . I usually like to set my goals on the first day of the month. I think we always choose "unrealistic" goals . A great way to achieve things is making list of goals and  then tick them off when you’ve completed those goal , or  why not focus on one goal at a time .  If you’ve failed at your NYR’s, this could be the perfect  way to note to start  achieving your goals .

02. Love
February is renowned for being the month of "Love" whether you’re  seeing someone , engaged or married . I think we should  share the love this month with our , friends and family ( actually we should be doing this all the time , remember we don’t just have to celebrate love on the 14th of Feb!) Take time as well  out and learn to Love yourself,  share a compliment with yourself ; write a compliment one on a piece of paper and make it stand out if you have to . I know it will be difficult , but trust me when I say it works .

03 no; it’s okay!
I don't want to admit this but lately I have been saying yes to everything and everyone ; I'm a people pleaser! And I love seeing people happy also , seeing a smile on their faces . But ,as much as I hate saying no i need to start to say it more often .it can get out of hand the amount of plans I make while juggling work,  college  , blogging and a social life .Lets face it I  love keeping busy, however doing things until you burn out is not good for you . Especially if I’m doing it simply to please others. Saying no is okay – and I need to keep that in mind

04 Pancake Day !!
There's nothing to say ! This month is dedicated to pancake day , so enjoy yourself .

What goals are you setting this month ? 

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