Friday, 19 June 2015

The super tasty milkshake

Hello my glamorous friends although the weather may not look nice I think it's still ok to treat ourselves . This milkshake look amazing but it also tastes amazing too ! If you are a lover of pink you'll love this too . Oh yeah I forgot to say it's simple and quick to make . All you need is three ingredients 

Ingredients : 
3 scoops of vanilla  ice cream 
2 Tsp Your favourite yogurt ( I chose cherry ) 
4 stawberries 

Method : 
1. Cut all your stawberries in to small cunks however save some to garnish on top of the milkshake . 
2. Place the ice cream , yogurt and stawberries and the blender . 
3. Blend untill smooth or untill you can see any stawberries . 
4. You should have something similar to this mix . 
5. Place your milkshake in your favourite glass after that place one more scoop of the ice cream on top the milkshake then garnish the stawberries . Enjoy ! 

          What's you're favourite summer      
                           milkshake ? 

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