Sunday, 31 May 2015

Lifestyle: The Top 6 Youtube Videos That You Should Watch ❤️

Hello my glamorous friends I hope you are all having a amazing Sunday so far . As it is exam season you tend to feel stressed about more or less everything . you should always keep in mind that you need to have somechill time , at the moment I've turn to YouTube . Personally I think YouTube videos are best watched with a cup of  tea or any drink or food for that matter .I watch a wide range of YouTube videos from beauty to gaming . So I thought I'd share with you all the videos I've been loving watching and possibly introduce you to some new YouTube channels to watch!
  1. Literally My Life (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) | MyLifeAsEva
I love Eva videos if you need cheering up I would recommend watching her videos because they would definitely put a smile on your face . She's also a down to earth girl and she takes realistic things that you and I do on a day to day bias and turn them a into a funny video.
2. Primark Holiday Shopping Haul | uglyfaceofbeauty
Now this woman is truly  inspiring. She's super stylish and make me want to embrace my figure! She knows how to rocks her curves with such confidence also, she is not afraid to wear anything she wants. I love her holiday picks in this video! If you check out her other videos she posts bits of lifestyle, advice and beauty as well as fashion! 
3. DIY Summer & Tumblr Inspired T-Shirts!! | LaurDIY
I love DIY'S however they never end the way they should be .... ( is that just me ) . She doesn't just do clothing DIY'S she does room décor DIY'S , style video's and food video's ( which is a bonus if you love food like me )
 4. Let's Play The Sims 4: Get To Work | Part 17 - LEVI ARE YOU SERIOUS
I bet you won't excepting that BUT I love the Sims for a young age remember playing it . I lifesimmers videos because her personality shines though also , she's so funny . She also does challenge too and her potato hand jokes are too funny .
5. Summer Haul ft.Lulu*s & Boohoo | SAROCHA B
Now I only found her channel two days ago and every time I watch a haul and or a lookbook  she makes me want to go shopping that is featured in her videos . She's got such amazing style and in her latest video this Summer Haul I thought everything about it was amazing! She got a gorgeous style and I would just say as a warning to  (hide your bank card if you watch this!)
6. 'THE VAMP' Smoky Black Eyes + Glossy Red Lip    
Stephanie Lange  channel is amazing the makeup looks she's comes are absolutely stunning as well as her makeup looks she also does makeup tips too . which are extremely helpful .
I love watching YouTube videos and find new channels too , hope you enjoyed this post and the videos shown too .
 Do you have any other recommendations for YouTube videos I should watch?  
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