Tuesday, 14 April 2015

I Can Hear The Bells ♥

Hello my glamorous friends I hope you are well and how was your Easter break or spring break ? I would love know what you go up to . As it is wedding season I thought it would be a great idea to show you some simple looks that you can achieve . And did I mention all the dresses shown are under £30 .

All the dress mentioned are from new look .

The black jumpsuit : wearing all black as an automatic sophisticated vibe to any outfit . It also gives you huge opportunity to play and explore with types of jewellery and think about it with a jumpsuit you don't  have to worry about the top and bottoms because that is done for you .

Coral dress : This is an off the shoulder dress which adds an flirty ambiance and you will be having all the heads turning in addition the is a light shade so this means it will work well with any skin tone . Lighter shades are in because of the transition into summer  .

  Floral dress : this dress is perfect for the summer due to its colour and prints Because , of the prints on the dress I would recommend sticking to a simple coloured heels , flats or sandals . I would this dress has a flirty sense to it as well due to its key hole at the front of the dress  .

Lace dress : Now this one right here has to be my favourite one . This dress exhibits sexier side due to the lace detail at the front and also gives it a delicate touch as well. The colours shown on the dress give an wide range of colours to explore with shoes .

What is your favourite outfit ?
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