Sunday, 1 March 2015

What To Wear To A Interview ♥

Hello my glamous friends happy Monday ! As it is the start of the week I thought would do a post about what to wear of a interview . We are now approaching the middle of the year so might have an interview for college , university or even a job . When I was applying for jobs in retail and hospitality  a couple of months back .  I was always panicking over what to wear when it came to job interviews, I watching YouTube videos on what to wear and would occasionally help me .So think it the right  time to share some of my knowledge when it comes to interviews and figuring out what to wear!

 looking for jobs online should be easy , I think its best to sign up to all the correct websites. It helps typing things like 'UK Job Search into Google and get the best results or going on the stores website  and see what jobs are available in their careers section. When I was looking for a  looking for a part time retail job I went to the nearest shopping centre to where I live and handed out CVs  and my cover letter in the local stores.

 Tips I'd give for what to wear for a  interview 

 1 - Smart is the key : Never wear anything to short for example a short shirt  and if you're having an interview with a certain brand try and wear the brands product to the interview , I could be a simple necklace from the brand .

  2 - Smart trousers and Smart skirt :  Every girl has a cream blouse in there wardrobe that's another staple piece However , try not wear anything to plain . Try wearing something that will make you stand out from the crowd . 

3 - Shoes : invest in ankle boots , flats and black heels because they will never let you down in  interviews and meetings  I think with patterned trousers ankle boots are perfect or mdi skirt with heels or flat are really cute . When it comes to looking for ankle boots I'd recommend  New Look because prices will not burn a hole in you pocket .

4 - Personal style : When it comes to interviews I think its great to show off  your personal style but still  remember to look smart. So why not wear your favourite scarf or handbag or earrings .

5 - Wearing the tailored/smart jacket: During the Christmas sales I managed to find coat which I always wear to interviews as it looks really professional and its super cosy too .  I think it's great for your wardrobe to have an interview jacket or interview coat and make sure it's versatile so you can wear it with many different outfits! So try find a grey , black  or white jacket or coat as theses are often easy to pair with outfits.
I hope this has helped you and what is your interview tips ?
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