Saturday, 28 March 2015

Oh My Kimono Upcoming trends #2 ♥

Hello my glamorous friends .  Now the days are becoming more lighter, so we can finally throw away those coats and jackets layers and we begin to explore with a different cover up with is the Kimono .  kimonos should be an essential part in your spring and summer wardrobe.  They are really  flattering, feminine yet it has this causal vibe to it . However you can dress up a kimono too . the kimono Needs to have a gold star plus a A* due to its versatility also suiting every size, height and shape. Due to them being such a huge demand they stores have now traverse with different patterns and colours . Which is amazing now we have bold, a statement kimono .Best stores to shop for kimono are New look , Topshop , Sheinside ,  beginning boutique  and misguided .

How do you wear your kimono ?
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