Monday, 16 February 2015

The Green smoothie ♥

Hello my galmous friends I hope you all had a wonderful valentine's weekend , to kick start you week again I thought I would best start of with a green smoothie . Lets be honest here we all eaten so much chocolate that we cannot stand it .... until the weekend .  So think of it as a decox really and what's amazing about this smoothie is after drinking it you feel great after ! which to me is a bonus .  You will fall in love with this smoothie like I did also the ingredients are easy to find too .

Ingredients (Serves 1)
1 cup of spinach
4 whole strawberries
one banana
1tsp of honey (optional )
2 cubes of ice (optional )
1 cup Tropical juice
Begin to wash all fruits and vegetable .  Cut the strawberries in half  and then begin to cut the tops after  . secondly cut up the banana and then tear the spinach leaves    .Next add the ice cubes and spinach with the cut up  , strawberries and banana . Then add the   juice , honey  .  Then blend for 1 minute on high , blend until smooth .
 What smoothie should I try next ?
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