Friday, 27 February 2015

My Shoe Wishlist ♥


Hello my glamous friends and happy Friday ! I have been currently lusting over these shoes for a very long time and these shoes keeps on appearing on my Instagram  . All these shoes are from In thestyleuk and they are all under £40 , which is a bargain !

I love the white shoe trend at the moment these heels are to die for  , they are simple yet elegant  and they will suit any formal occasion . white snakeskin high-heels and white double strap high heels . The snakeskin high heel will also add texture and a sense of edge to any outfit you pair it with .

These Black chunky buckle shoe are stunning they have a platform heel  which will it super easy to walk in also , it would be a lovely shoe to wear in the spring time ( that's when it come the uk . ) To me this shoe again has a edgy fleer to it and it would look amazing paired with a leather jacket , jeans and a top of your choice .

Now I have a always loved the Chelsea boot trend and boots are a amazing . They are perfect for the uk weather  as it is still cold here . It has a little heel which is alright to walk in .

What's your favourite shoes on the Inthestyleuk website ?

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