Friday, 30 January 2015

Live a Healthy & Happy Life... 9 tips ! ♥

Hello my glamous friends I hope you all had a amazing Friday sometimes I wish the weekends could last a bit longer .  So you know the drill grab a cuppa or something to eat and I hope you enjoy my post .
Now I am no self help guru to be honest I don't know much about this topic however , I do know some of things that I've mention have worked for me . One of the reasons why I am doing this post is someone out there can find this useful . So lets get started .....
  1. Know your self worth : be confident and know your abilities now if you don't know how to go about this . I suggest you write down all the things that you like about yourself . Come up with a least five . what this will do is boots your confidence because I know we all have our insecurities and flaws that we really don't like about our self's . I think focusing on the thing that we admire about are self  will boot our confidence .   Just know that you have so many assets that make us beautiful and a unique . You have to be able to celebrate one or to of them .
  2. Feel Good Look Good : Now I've been in situation where I have feel down and sad about what has to me or around me . what I do is I pick out an outfit that I look stunning in , then I do my hair and makeup . After that I look in the mirror when your happy with your appearance you feel a little happy inside too . Now friends you should really take pride in your appearance because it does help boots you confidence as well .    
  3. Exercise : If you are the type of person who overthinks things or over analyses things  and you feel there is a lot of negatively around you  . It's helps to exercise your getting yourself out of your head and into your body ( if that makes sense ) . Any type of physical activity you can run , dance or play football and the list is endless Also , and the end of that activity you feel good .
  4.  Stay well nourished : Try to have a balanced diet and drink plenty of water . if you don't like water why not try flavoured water and you can put fruits such as  watermelon and mint which tastes amazing . Its worth a try .
  5. Be around positive people : Trust me this it works , if your all ways around people who are it will bring you down too . Don't waste your time and energy them . Then surround  yourself with positive people and people who uplift you too .
  6. Change your environment : If you find everything around you irritating you what you van do is find a coffee shop or just walk to the park . When you tanking a Stoll in the park your away with your thoughts and you can think about what's happening this week for you . The perks of changing your environment is that you can meet new people and get to know a different area too .
  7. Give : Give some money or clothes to charity . You don't have to give all you money or clothes to charity a little goes a long way . When doing that you get this unexplainable feeling when you give charities But, it doesn't to be clothes nor money it could be you time . Go and help out that family member or friend . It just makes you feel good about yourself that you can make other people happy .
  8. Don't compare yourself : This is the most difficult one here because its so easy to compare yourself to someone . I think its that fastest way to put yourself down because you think why has he or she got this and I haven't . Just waste you time comparing yourself to other and just be happy with you
  9. Be thankful : Count your blessings just look around and be happy with the people and things around you . As humans we tend to dwell on the negatives and not on the things that make us happy  and thankful .
So guys that's my nine tips on how to live a healthy and happy life . I hope you enjoyed this post guys  but, what would number ten be for you ? I would love to know .
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