Saturday, 8 November 2014

How To Find A Fashion Sense

Hi guys , today I will be talking about how you can develop  or maybe find your fashion sense . So I'm casually going to share a few tips with you guys and hope they help you but , before we jump into it grab yourself a nice hot beverage or a cold beverage and I hope you enjoy my post .
Listen to you .
I think this is the most important thing ever and that is to stop caring about what other people have to say . Unless its something positive about what your wearing . If you feel good and confident about what your wearing it doesn't matter what I think or anyone one else for that matter . Now we just live in a world where there's so much restrictions on what to wear and we don't let are self's be US .  
Don't take yourself too seriously .
when I first started to get into fashion , trust me when I say I was all a hot mess before I only wore the colour blue . Now don't get me wrong blue is an lovely colour but wearing that everyday what was I thinking ! The point is I never took myself too seriously I just done what I felt was natural to me  . Like if tomorrow I want to dress up as a unicorn and go to topshop why can't I do that .
Dress according to what you are feeling .
Guys remember to stay in touch with how you feel in the inside . It could be whatever your going though or whatever your in life and dress according to that . Going back to my last point about me wearing blue everyday I may now look back at it and say "Oh my god Chyna what on earth are you wearing ?" That outfit may seem ridiculous to me now but , that's  how I was feeling that day .
Don't follow the rules .
I seen so many thing like oh you can't mix black and brown or you can't mix polka dot with lines  . Listen guys you can wear whatever you want because , you decided to wear it that's a reason alone why you can .
Your fashion sense is a reflection of you .
The easiest way to do this is to open your wardrobe , if you don't have a lot of clothes this would be a bit more harder . Just pick out something out for example , today I'm in the mood to be a rocker women and just wear you leather jacket  . Every time you open your wardrobe just say that .Today I'm in the mood for ....  Remember whatever you feel let that just translate into what you are wearing .
What are you going to wear today? And how will you let that translate into what you are wearing ?
Chyna X

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