Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Ways To Re-Vamp Your Style ( without spending way too much )

Hiya my glamorous friends ,  I think we're all going through that phase where whenever you look on the high-street there's nothing which takes your fancy, you open up your wardrobe and you're stood there like WHAT AM I GOING TO WHERE? or I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR !  Well I'm now after a every long  gradually getting myself out of this nasty clothing cave  and here's how I've done it!
First of all, open up your wardrobe (this is my bedroom  wardrobe) sorry it's a bit messy . Now the  first I would do   is really have a good look at your wardrobe. Figure out what you  hardly wear anymore and try and put outfits together and pair them up in your wardrobe to help generate some inspiration!

Secondly begin to  pick up some fashion magazines (These are my current magazines on my desk) and rip out all the pages that  inspire you. Whether it's a pair of jeans or what a celebrities remember everything is useful!
Lastly begin to do an moodboard or an inspiration board . This can be done using a collage maker , I recommend using Fotor  or you could simply buy an noticeboard and print out the pictures an begin to pin them on the noticeboard .
 Another thing I do when I'm on pinterest
 is I have a folder called 'My style . I have
 all the images which inspire me inside . if you want to check out my inspiration board on pinterest : My Style  I hope it inspires you .

I always go shopping with an idea in my head about what I'd like to add into my wardrobe as it gives you something to aim for. I also find that sometimes It's better to try the things you like on in-store before shopping online and trying to save a few £'s trying to find a cheaper version!

What did you think of this post? Are you ready to re-vamp up your style this Autumn/Winter?
Chyna X
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