Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Halloween Candy Corn Cup Treats!

Hiya Guys Happy October ! I've decided to do something very  SPOOKY  on my blog which is going to be called Blogoween  . Throughout the whole of October I will be doing Halloween treats , DIY'S and makeup up look because I love just love Halloween !
Candy corn has always been  one of my favourite Halloween candy, but until I came across this recipe for candy corn cream cups, However I couldn't find any candy corn sweets in my area , so I used orange sprinkles instead . Here the recipe guys ! Hope you like it .


Yellow Layer
Yellow food colouring gel  (optional )
Orange Layer
 orange food colouring gel
White Layer
 can of cream
Coordinating sprinkles
1 candy corn for each cup

Yellow Layer
 Add the custard in a bowl and if you want you may add some gel food colouring and make the custard more yellow if you want .
Orange Layer
 Add the custard in a separate bowl next add some orange gel food colouring to the custard and then mix until its all combined then ,  place 2-3 tablespoons on top of the yellow layer.
you should have something like this .

White Layer
 Now it time add your whipped cream and then Sprinkle with desired toppings.
Enjoy x
What should I do next ? also , if you recreate this recipe please tweet me so I can see your fabulous  Halloween creations chynadenton_ .


Chyna X

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