Friday, 10 October 2014

Banana Phantoms !

Hi friends I hope your having an day so far . Today's spooky recipe is called Banana Phantoms .  I have to admit, this “recipe” is a little more “Semi-Homemade” and its great to the young ones involved trust me they would love it ! Let me just tell you   white chocolate really does compliment the banana .I Really I do love Halloween. Anyway, here’s the post  of how to make the cutest scary banana phantoms  ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
Prep time         
  • 4 banana's
  • White chocolate baking squares
  • black food colouring gel
  1. Melt the while chocolate in the microwave or in a double boiler until smooth.
  2. Cut to your banana's in half
  3. Dip in the white chocolate to coat.
  4. Set on waxed paper-lined plate and refrigerate 20 minutes until firm.
  5. Then using the black gel begin to pipe  little chocolate faces on your Phantoms !
Chyna X
What should I do next week ? also , if you recreate this recipe please tweet me so I can see your Spooky  creations  chynadenton_ .

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