Thursday, 28 August 2014

Style Solutions : Body Shapes And What To Wear #1

Hiya guys I hope you are all having a wonderful day so far . I'm so excited for this post ! I'm literally going so you magic tricks to help you with your accentuate    
certain body parts . Some of us are blessed with a really nice chest , some of us have with a really long legs , some people are blessed with a flat tummy and some of us just want it all . Anyway before I tell you all the secrets and goodies grab yourself  a nice cup of tea . You done it ? ok . Let get started.

So the first one is the ruffled top now this is for my ladies who are not blessed in the chest region . Experiment with some ruffles here are some different styles of tops that have ruffle on them
Ruffled Top  , Ruffled Blouse , Ruffled Cami  and Ruffled Crop top  . What would the ruffled top do you may ask ? This ruffled effect you highlight and give the illusion that your chest bigger than it really is . Magic right!  And that just first one .

I know a lot of women struggle without having a flat tummy now , this would frustrating when you have an event to go to . The best and most fluttering way deal with this getting a wrap dress. And here are few examples  Wrap Dress Floral Print   and Wrap Playsuit  .

This is for a the short women out there . There is nothing within this universe that can fix this and us short girls have to come to terms with this and that is having short legs. So to solve this solution I recommend  adding high wasited jeans and shorts to your wardrobe  . For jeans you should check out Topshop , Missguided , River island   and Primark . should wear high wasited items because it give the illusion that you much more longer legs than It really is . You could also , add a crop top or if you tuck you T-shirt or shirt underneath  it will also give the illusion of longer legs as well . High wasited shorts in my opinion  are just very flattering in general .They are high wasited and then most of your legs are bare and due to the rest of your leg showing it give the illusion of longer legs .  For shorts you could check out Topshop   and Primark . 

Now for the who a re looking to achieve a slimmer waist I would defiantly recommend the peplum . I know there are some peplum haters out there . Some peplums can be a bit out dated because it being  an overdone trend . All you have to do is find the perfect peplum that suits you .  Here are few examples Peplum Dress  Peplum Top  . The peplum would give you hourglass figure and it looks really nice !

This is solutions to accentuate your best body features , Now this make us women beautiful , diverse and wonderful but if any of these things are bothering you use clothes to bring them out or fix them.
On that note I hope have a wonderful day  .
Chyna x
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