Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Reinventing Your Look

Hiya guys I hope your all well , I have felt like I have disappeared off the face of the blogging world but , im and I am here telling you way you can reinvent your look . This can be a new look for school , collage , university or even work .
Step one : Change your hair now I am not saying go all unicorn and dye your hair pink or purple or even sour green or cut it in a crazy way . Just a little change in your hair does everything . you know people say whenever a women wants to make a change in her life she does something to her hair and couldn't be more true. if your like me and you a little bit  apprehensive about dying your hair you can just treat your hair to a deep condition by using examples such as Coconut oil , Argan oil and Macadamia deep repair  . Then heat in the microwave or place on dry hair and leave for 20 to 30 min bam new shiny hair !
Step two: Whitening your teeth now , there are so many homemade method's I haven't tried them and I don't know if they work however there are teeth whitening kits in you beauty store or if your really into teeth whitening you can visit you dentist and let them do their magic but white definitely adds a refreshed element to your look  .
Step three : Is kind of a big one this is to change your diet . Now you wont see drastic results like the rest . Your going to have to do this for a longer time and trust me you will see amazing results .  
Step four : Find a style icon link is here Tips For Re-inventing Your Style 
Step five : updating your accessories and that doesn't necessarily mean that you have go and spend a fortune on a brand new accessories wardrobe of  jewellery, handbags and shoes but that could just mean by getting a new bag or cleaning out your bag and updating go to accessories .
Step six : Getting coloured contacts . Now you can totally skip this if contacts doesn't float your boat skip this step . Now first thing that comes to mind when thinking about contact is wild looking abstract one which would perfect for fancy dress however , there are natural colours as well so play around with them and see which one suits you .
Step seven : is very simple and its just to change your hair part by just putting it to the any side or having a middle part whatever is your cup of tea you do you boo !
Step eight : Why not change your style 180 degrees . for example if you are a girly girl and you cute dresses add an edgy aspect to your outfit . I do this all the time ! just add a leather jacket and Chelsea boots .
Step nine : discover your new signature scent . I've been using the perfume for about three  3 years now which is Britney Spears perfume circus , to me this is everything sweet put in a bottle and I love it but, you can switch up your scent  which also changes your mood as well. So  have fun with it !  
Step ten:   I would hear what you think ten should be .
Chyna x

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