Friday, 22 August 2014

Mango And strawberry smoothie

Hi everyone I hope your having a fabulous morning .  Today's post is all about the smoothie I made this morning . Which tasted so nice yet refreshing also, aloe Vera complimented this smoothie as well . This smoothie has a tropical twist due to mango , the exotic juice and the colour . Honestly  you will feel like your on beach and taking a slips and listening to water coming into the shore but, your just in your living room drinking it . So this is what you need .

Ingredients (Serves 1)

1 large mango chilled
4 Strawberries' lose
1 cup of exotic juice
1tsp of  aloe Vera water  ( optional )  
4 ice cubes
1TSP of honey ( optional)

Cut the mango into cubes and then begin to cut the tops off the strawberries .   .Next add the ice cubes with the cut up mangos  , strawberries ,  juice , honey and  aloe vera .  Then blend for 1 minute on high , blend until smooth .
 What smoothie should I do next ?
Enjoy x  
Chyna X

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