Thursday, 14 August 2014

How to build Self Confidence

Hi everyone hope your all aright and well , today's post is all about building confidence . So sit back grab a cup of tea or whatever you prefer and enjoy x
Self Confidence is a personal journey we are all going to be at different paths but , we are all on the same road and doing this together . By yourself there is no right and wrong way to build some confidence because , right and wrong way is subjected everyone is on a different path .  The tips I am giving you are universal its going to help you jump start your journey .

Tip Number One : Remember confidence is like an muscle everyone is born with it and if you want muscles to grow you have to exercise it . So it can get stronger . This is just like confidence .

Tip Number Two : Think positive thoughts usually moments when you're down

Tip Number Three : Take a deep breath and remind yourself life's too short so , make the most of it  

Tip Number Four : Listen to music which will lift your . Try something that has a good beat this is proven to help people in a positive way .

Tip Number Five : Remember that your AMAZING!  and you should remind yourself how amazing you really are However , you still want to leave room to grow and improve .

Tip Number Six : Find qualities you good at and don't focus on the negative . The things you can focus on are dance , singing , cooking classes for example .
Tip Number Seven : Trust , This is about found that One person that you trust and tell them your thoughts , feelings and securities .

Tip Number Eight : Get rid of negative friends I mean as long as you not harming the person you love that ok right ?

Tip Number Nine : The last tip is to past your wisdom and gifts on to others . This could be teaching or mentoring someone . To me this is the greatest gift you could give someone . Not only is that person going to feel better but you will too . Loving others will help you to love yourself and you know something this journey will not be easy you will have your ups and downs but , DON'T GIVE UP
Chyna X
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