Sunday, 20 July 2014

Tips For Re-inventing Your Style

Hola everyone I hope your all doing well and enjoying the amazing heat wave we are having at the moment . Here's some quick and easy steps for re-inventing your style for whatever time of the year .
 Choose A Style icon 
This is important because the next time you go shopping you can have your style icon in mind . your Style icon could be zandaya , Rita-ora , your favourite fashion blogger or your favourite you tuber.
The Fashion Board
HOT TIP ! Make a fashion board by using a notice board and pins . Guys this is where the fun really begins because you can make your board unique and very personal to you . Remember to just have fun with it ! After , making your amazing fashion board begin to tear pages from a old magazines and check out your favourite blogs , tumblr and pinterest for some inspiration . Then print it out and pin it to your fashion board .  
 The Wardrobe Clear Out
I for one find this really hard because I hate chucking out clothes due to I always find a way to style my clothes however,  think of it like a detox  , when your done clearing out your wardrobe you will feel better within yourself  and more happy .
Eat Healthy, Exercise, Drink Healthy and Repeat  
Having a healthy lifestyle is key because you  become more alert and due to this you can make better at making  decisions ie fashion , beauty and lifestyle wise . I am doing a bit of exercise and I hope I will carry it on also , remember to drink plenty of water as well . Its defiantly worth eating , drinking and exercising  healthily as dieting doesn't always work !    
Photo Credits :Tumblr, We Heart it and  Pinterest 
Photo editing Fotor 
What's your tips ? 




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